Turkish Folk Zeybek Dance

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ZEYBEK Dance:What is the relationship between bar types in the fatheras, Zeybeklik is the relationship between his own dance. So: Dadaslik = Zeybeklik, Bar = Zeybeklik dance.Zeybek dance, with knee strokes figures create the symbol of a power that collapses giants … Bengi’s entire home country, the dance could play together millions. That is what the Supreme statement wants to say. He experiences the grandeur of this emotion and wants to live.Typically, in (usually) Zeybek dance, the arms are always raised while the right foot is being thrown forward. The arms are always swinging in three, five in the top. They are lifted up from the beginning rather than on the shoulder.In the dance the hands of shahada fingers are deposited into the palm. The middle finger is pressed and twisted with a thumb.The tempo of the dance is based on 3-5 principles. Although the measure is 3-6, it counts 9, while the sound in the ninth time is different in the dance. Yalabık Zeybeği is organized according to 3-3 principle. As the first three of the 9 measurements in the music were fast and the second three were heavy, the pair was calculated as six and the nine were secured. Kozak and Soma Zeybekleri were written on 9 numbers according to the 3-3-3 tempo.

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Dance at weddings:

The guests of the villages in the villages of the Aegean region come to the village where the wedding will be held on Wednesday. It is clear from the guns that came from the village that the guests came from. Whichever side of the gun comes out earlier, the flag-bearer or lord takes the instruments and goes to meet them. Bayraktar has been selected as a young man for the wedding. Guests are also chosen for the same wedding.

The guests are brought to the house of the instruments and they are taken to the house where they will be guests. Guests from all directions are thus accommodated. This is called the ‘flag order’.

After dinner, guests are placed in the order of the flag and the harmony with the instruments. The place of harmony is the playground. It is illuminated by tongs.

On the sign of Efebaşı, the drums hit ‘the guard’. After that the danceair starts. The young men of the village, the back of the efen from a play to the public turn to the ring and walk.

When the behind-the-dance is cut back, the ‘Bengi Air’ starts to be hit. The dance of Bengi is a sign of village and peasants’ unity and regular life. After that, the flag plays collectively Bengi, even though all the guests are at the beginning of their Efeler. When Bengi is finished, the next time he passes, he moves to the next Zeybek dance. In the end, Efebaşı takes peasants and guests to Bengi. Together Bengi is played. The harmony within the layout is terminated.

In the dance, the flag order is not broken and not cut in half. All guests are always kept one. Otherwise going; cause the knife to pull.

During the dance, if the dance is repeated or prolonged by everyone.

After the morning meal on Thursday, until the lunch of the same dance is played in various dance. The bride is picked up on the afternoon and the guests are scattered. They won’t leave far away that night.

Single dance All Zeybek dance are played in bulk. However, a full-time Zeybek who knows all of the dance may be able to play alone. They call it Single dance. Movement and demeanor astounding people to watch and there is beauty. However, Zeybek who can create this air can go to the Single dance.

Instrument in Dance:

Dance at weddings are played in front of the drum zurna. The zurnas are fine, coarse zurnas. The oldest instrument tradition is in our Aegean lands as well as in every region. In recent years, glarınat (clarinet), bold and tanpet (trumpet), together with the drum became a new escort team. In the dance of dümbelek (dumbek or darbuka), zillimaşa, cura is played. This is a team according to the old custom. In some villages, the oldest age of Turkishness, for example, kopuz and ikliğ team would be connected with the connection of the team.

Zeybek Outfit:

Since the dance is essentially an eye aesthetics, the most sensual decor element that touches the audience is the national clothing that is suitable for the historical tradition. This is the famous and imposing clothing of the zeybe.

While it is known that the approach of dressing does not take place, for example, to the hat or zünn’ra (pastor belt), it is understood that some changes have occurred over time depending on the material qualities.

One form of the oldest Turkish body is known from some recordings of some of the old Uighur wall paintings and Anatolian Seljuks, which are stitched and high, attracted to the mold, adorned with metal fragments, where there are ak and al colors, from Kaşgarlı Mahmut (XI century). All of these were the characteristics of Zeybe’s chief clothing. It is clear that the tattoo is the next stage of tattooing and seamless fez. Because in Tunisia, which is known by fezlerla and continues to use it by knowing a souvenir from the Ottoman Empire, they are called muteher. Now, the mouth of the mouth part of the flattening and flattening the height of the top of the tulbent dolima by filling, drum dressed in the zurnal order dance as well as the sentence -cepkenine – from the Turks until the seventh said seve. They also keep the player guild.

Let’s go back to the headwear of our zeybeğım. It has been seen that, in the past, the head was worn with high pointed, high, swollen and sliced ​​cavities. Then the box and a half height of a box of hats to be worn, two on top of the three-wrapped kerem was wrapped. On Fes, finally, they were wrapped in rags or rags, ruby ​​rhyme, now with tasseled fez and height continued. It is clear from his paintings that the works of old European travelers and his clothes from some of the pre-Republican photos have not changed since the Seljuk period. It was overwhelmed by the idea that headwear was an important part of the tradition of clothing before centuries and that the future could be accepted as a choreographic element.

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On the back of the collar is left open (which is known to be closed later) silk fabric, silk shirt, sleeveless vest on top of a pocket is worn. The same fabric and embroidered with a vest. The vest and pocket are worn on top of the reef. It has sleeves and embroidery. At the top, the shaking ‘sarka’ is worn so that the arms hang from the shoulders and swing. Cemadan and sarka are the same coin.

The knee brace below the zeybe -don – are. The knee is open. The abundant network of the knee-lining hangs down. It is the same coin as Cemadan and shaking, it must be processed. In some villages it is seen in the old paintings that the knee brace of the topdon is small and the tails of the knee are not too short.

There are black shoes standing. Legs remain naked or long stockings worn or embroidered leggings are attached. Your hip from the black goat’s skin, and finally the boot.

The weapons are five-eyed. One of your eyes is like a pouch. Things like money, a knife, a tentacle. The other one is a pistol (lighter-kubur). In the third eye, a knife (eared and lying) is placed and 40-100 cm. Up to three sizes. This is very important in ‘knocking the blade’. If the knife is pulled, it is shot with its back and not with its back. Hitting the knife’s face and the other is a scum. I mean, it may be frightening, but it’s bad to be victimized in anger to kill a man. The tongs placed in the fourth eye serve two things. It is used as a butt for strengthening the gun while it is in the holster. When removed from the case work as tongs. They are all inserted into the right side of the gun. On the left and side, there is an embroidered velvet, which is hanged by a strap, and a marbling with an oak. Around your arms, you are surrounded by native wool. Again, the wire is placed on the wire and hangs from the outside.

The stiffness (billet) is two or three silver boxes. You’re on top of your weapons. Boxes are located at the back and sides. They are made of hand made firecrackers.

Hamaylı is a box of silver. There are “En’am” in it. It is hung under the right seat. The top of the strap is decorated with silver bracelets.

Pazvant (Bazubend) is round or triangular and has silver processing. There are three to five parts. It is attached to the right side. It also connects to the left market.

Men’s clothing must be shaved and black. They didn’t wear a gown. The most favorable of the sky is XVII. We understand from Evliya Çelebi’s explanations that he came out of Aydın in the century and that it is not yet investigated where and when this superiority started and how long it took.

The Aegean region, such as İzmir and Aydın, has a long list of Zeybek dance and their names attached to them, folk songs, places or individuals that have been seen and held in our lands in the territory of the Aegean region. . Zeybek dance with little or no widespread, or very localized. One of the places where they live at all stages and have lived long life. Common characteristics (Common characteristics); The fact that there are 9/8 or 9/4 weighed weather is also the presence of some of the folk songs and certain figures in the valiant attitude. Women, among themselves, are more softly played. New Zeybek dance fürese, common character, still does not change. If their names are unknown and you play only without air, you will immediately know that they are Zeybek style. Tradition, this valiant character has exceeded centuries.

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