Thracian Folk Dances

turkish folk dance4 - Thracian Folk Dances

Anatolian folk dances are played at weddings, insignia, soldier farewell, highland, birth, holidays and ferfene, barana, queue tour, and yaren chat. It is also played in closed areas as played in open spaces. Nature events, daily life etc. There may be ritual dances reflecting social events, there are dances on the subject. Especially at weddings, […]

Turkish Folk Zeybek Dance

turkish folk dance5 e1570706630466 - Turkish Folk Zeybek Dance

ZEYBEK Dance: What is the relationship between bar types in the fatheras, Zeybeklik is the relationship between his own dance. So: Dadaslik = Zeybeklik, Bar = Zeybeklik dance. Zeybek dance, with knee strokes figures create the symbol of a power that collapses giants … Bengi’s entire home country, the dance could play together millions. That […]



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